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Originally Posted by snapper View Post
Bio - Did you stay in one of their lean-tos or the inn itself? Just curious as to what you thought about the lean-tos if you lodged there.snapper
Snapper: No we were in the main house but I did stay in a lean-to this past spring doing some pond hopping. The lean-tos are fully screened in the front with a screen door in the center and there are drapes you can pull across for privacy. There are 2 double beds in them and a fire pit in front. We will stay again to do similar outings.

Originally Posted by Stillhunter View Post
Very nice report and photos Bioguide.
Good idea on the B&B and lightweight canoe to share it with your wife.
Nicely colored brookie as well. Letting your hunting spot "rest" I see.
Thanks Stillhunter, I'll be heading to the hunting spot early Saturday am for an overnight "shakedown" hammock hang trip as I plan to stand hunt both Saturday and Sunday. I see the temps will be dropping to just below freezing Saturday night so this will be an interesting trip.
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