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That doesn't really seem right to me. It might be true in some cases, but again, it's an exception rather than the rule.

When trying to ID red maple based on the bark alone, the best visual clue I've learned to look for is the round "spider's web" or "bull's eye" pattern on the bark. The first picture is an extreme example but shows what to look for:

And the second shows a more typical appearance:

Apparently these patterns appear in response to a fungal infection and they are not ubiquitous to all red maples, but it is the single best clue I've found for identifying the species based on the bark alone.

If you can get a good l look at the buds, red and sugar maples are pretty easy to tell apart. Red maples of rounded red buds, while sugar maples have pointy brown bugs (the same color as maple syrup). Both have opposite branching patterns.

Ashes have opposite branching patterns also, but their twigs are much stouter (wider) than maple twigs are. To the trained eye, the difference between ash and maple twigs is readily apparent, even from a distance.
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