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Talking about Lila itself, not adjacent water bodies, you can paddle all of that in about 1 day. The size of Lake Lila is comparable to what you get at Boreas. The time it will take to access fishing spots or land for a day hike will be about the same between the two.

The portage to Lila (is it .3 miles?) is easy. I see paddlers taking carts in or carrying their stuff all the time. How long will the portage to Boreas be? They're not letting people drive right up to the water are they?

"Boreas will have lousy campsites." How the heck do you know that? Has the DEC even announced where, if any, water-side campsites will be set up?

As others have noted, Lila is over 4 times the size of BP.

Judging about your questions it sounds like you have not actually read the draft UMP.

On my 2nd visit to BP I scoured the shoreline for a nice campsite but pretty much all of it is sprucey, I had difficulty finding a nice lunch spot let alone a nice campsite. It was a tough & scratchy bushwhack just to go pee 150' away from the water! I did, however, camp there that night. Please tell us about your experiences there.

Yes the DEC has announced approximate campsite locations - the map is on page 115.
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