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Old 06-02-2018, 08:03 PM   #1
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Angry Fishing Report: “Pro Golfer” Pond – 6/2/18

This is the first day of a quick, two-day trip to the Adirondacks. I’m writing this from my hotel room in Queensbury due to an utterly disappointing day and premature exit from the backcountry.
I hiked into “Pro Golfer” Pond. Since its not named on maps and the last portion is off-trail, I anticipated it to be lightly fished (it is). It contains Windfall strain heritage Brook Trout.
There is a good, mostly flat trail, for most of the hike. After crossing its outlet stream, I looked for footpath. Finding none, I cross-countried in using my DeLorme Earthmate GPS for help. Its around a quarter of a mile from the trail to the pond. It was some of the toughest hiking in years…..lots of downfall, busting through the woods, hoping the float tube wouldn’t get pierced.
I finally made it to the pond’s southern shore just after 10:00.

I quickly found my first problem: the shoreline transitions from soft, wet matting to deep, thin mud….very difficult to get in with a float tube. Opposite on the north shore, I spotted a couple of rock outcroppings at the water’s edge and figured this is the place to go.
So, I spent another 20 minutes or so skirting bogs, etc in the boggy, grassy outlet, climbing or ducking under more deadfall. When I got to the desired location, I was exhausted. Concerned about getting out; I actually considered a short rest, then heading out. I did make two discoveries, though. The first one was a beaten brush path on the north side of the outlet area. The second one was a canoe that someone had carried in. That suggested the “herd path” I’d understood to be there may actually be a reality.
I finally put in the water around 11 am. I rigged up an intermediate line with a Denny’s Callibaetis Nymph and a mini wine/black Seal Bugger on the point. I had seen an occasional fish rise and that was encouraging.
As I kicked out into the pond, I started a troll and then noticed something was following me. I maneuvered into a big circle and it kept following me. I thought Beaver or Muskrat, though I’d never known one to be this bold. This one was actually good size….over 2 feet. As I sped up, to put some distance, a trout wacked one of the flies. I was too busy trying to understand what was going on to care.
I kicked over by the big rock where I’d put in. Whatever it was got closer and closer. It would stick its head out of the water every once in a while, then submerge and reappear a little closer.
At one point, it was 10-20 yards away and I stood up. It submerged and darted off. I didn’t get a great look, but, it was fairly good size……a big, fat beaver or muskrat I thought.
I pushed back into water and, within a few minutes it or another one came at me. I kicked back to the rock and contemplated options. I waited a while and then I realized there were at least 2 or 3 of these things out in the lake, peering at me every so often.
(For those of you reading; some of you may have already figured it out….but it wasn’t registering with me at the time!)
I also noticed several dragonflies in the process of emerging.

I decided I’d kick back out into the pond and if this beaver/muskrat got too close; I’d douse it with bear spray.
As I kicked out, I heard a noise from the outlet area: the owner of the canoe, I’d stumbled across earlier had arrived. I kicked over to him for some info. He asked me if I’d caught any fish. I responded, “I really haven’t had a chance to fish. There is something in here which is chasing me. Are these beavers or muskrats?” He responded, “No, they’re snapping turtles….and there’s big ones in here.” He indicated they like Brook Trout, particularly on stringers and they’ll come right up to the boat. I asked if he thought they might be dangerous to a float tuber. He responded, “I’ve never been bitten by one, so you should be ok.” He also indicated he’s been fishing this pond for 3 decades and the trout get up to around 18 inches. He also told me the location of the foot path out.
So, I thought I’d have a go at it. I’ve fished in lakes with turtles before, but, they’re smaller and when they approach any movement sends them scurrying. But never have had any experience with big ones. By this time, it was 12:30 or so. I kicked away from him and started a troll. About 30 seconds later, a big turtle wacked and grabbed my right fin. This guy was big….over 2 feet. I thrashed, hooted, and hollered. After one or two seconds, he let go.
That was it! I’d had enough. It could’ve easily grabbed my foot in the fin or ankle. I quickly kicked over to shore, had some lunch, and left. I managed to find and follow the footpath out which really helped. Even so, by the time I reached the Jeep; I was dragging. Total hours spent at pond: 4. Total fishing time: 5-10 minutes.
Tomorrow, depending on how I feel; the plan is to hike into either “Flat Hike” Pond in search of Little Tupper strain Brook Trout or “TSX Bullet” Pond as a shorter option.
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