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Old 02-17-2019, 11:17 AM   #21
Indian Mt.Club
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Problem solved.
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Old 02-17-2019, 01:03 PM   #22
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I agree, these are good lists. Buckladd's list is good too; as is the list that Tony G. has promoted in earlier threads and in ADK magazine.

The problem, though, is not in coming up with an appropriate short list of important points. The problem is how to get this list into the heads of the hikers that are showing up at the trailhead.
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Old Yesterday, 08:43 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I think some kind of education program is a good idea to create some baseline awareness in some people. But I think that something like that would be a supplement to, NOT a substitute for face to face interaction with a human at the trailhead:
>Education programs are minimally effective. Look at some of the products of our formal education system, even after thousands of hours of forced attendance.
>Many folks today don't read signs. They won't read an education presentation either, just click through it as fast as they can to get whatever cert is provided at the end.
>Many folks today are not aware of what's going on around them, and won't remember something they heard 5 minutes ago, much less last year.

So nothing wrong with this kind of a program; I don't oppose it. My concern with it is that it will become a cover/excuse for the state to continue steadfastly refusing to fund a (fairly inexpensive) program of full time, paid trailhead educators to meet hikers face to face and discuss the "top three most important things" as mentioned above.
The sportsman Education program has been very successful In the 60's there were 137 (AVERAGE) and as of last year there were 22
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Low Impact Skidder
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"Many folks today don't read signs. They won't read an education presentation either, just click through it as fast as they can to get whatever cert is provided at the end."

If you enroll in the course you must take a test. That's how you get the permit.
Your points are well taken and no one is trying to circumvent interaction with a competent trail person, but some people do things based on a whim at the last minute and do not realize how rugged the high peaks can be if you are not prepared. Just trying to prevent impetuous citizens from getting into trouble because the set out unprepared. Some pay for it with their lives. Cell phones don't always get a signal in the park. I have even been on a SAT phone unable to get through. I don't mind at all participating in SAR efforts as a volunteer but with more and more people using the Park every year perhaps we could even the odds with some educational efforts.
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