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Old 02-08-2018, 10:52 AM   #1
Barefoot Hiker
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Got out the old XC skis

This isn't necessarily ADK related but I am in no other forums that involve skiing... So every once in a blue moon I get out my old skis, no idea how old probably 70's? Folks bought them used for us kids in the 80's. Well since my brother moved to Florida I ended up with both our skis and his are newer but the boots are now shot so I moved back over to my old pair this winter. My boots are shot too but holding together for now. The old vinyl is all cracked and dry rotting.

The skis are waxless, but the bases are looking pretty beat up with small gouges and chunks here and there. Can a waxless ski be waxed or some other method to smooth out the bases again? I don't know if I am giving up a lot of efficiency with the beat up bases.

Also do they still make 3 pin boots? And in wide? My current boots are a full 2 sizes too big just to try and get my toes into the wider part of the shoe and still they are crunched. Due to wide toe spread on narrow feet I usually resort to barefoot in almost all things outdoors, but not really an option on skis lol! So I am all ears if there is a wide toe box option out there somewhere!
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Old 02-08-2018, 11:42 AM   #2
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You can repair most of the gouges in an XC ski with PTex, the same as you would for most skis. If the fish scales themselves are damaged, that's a different story and those are much more work to repair, and probably not worth it. After repairs, a waxless XC ski will certainly benefit from some glide wax applied to the flat areas.

One of my current boots is the Alpina Alaska. It's a fairly big, heavy, warm boot that's available in both NNN-BC and 75 mm (three pin). I find the toe box to be pretty roomy, but of course you would have to try them on. Also, they are pricey, and it's hard to find good deals on them...
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Old 02-08-2018, 12:05 PM   #3
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Yes, 3 pins are still available but I wouldn't recommend the Alaska version of them for a couple reasons, mainly being a "wide" foot. I find the Alaska very narrow and have to ski them a size bigger than my true wider boots.

For a wide foot, Crispi is a good choice. You may want to look into a boot called the Antarctic, which is a really nice boot and not too expensive. It's a traditional 3 pin Norwegian welt, so it has some downfalls, most of which rely on you, the user to properly break them in and care for the leather. Many modern boots don't need any break in and require little more than a water-based leather treatment once a year.

Pretty much the only place to buy these boots in NA:

I find the sizing to be true on these, some other Crispis run really wide. If they are tight, they can also be stretched. Not something you really want to have to do, but it is possible.

As far as ski and bindings, they are very cheap and easy to find. New, rugged, 3 pin bindings go for $50, $25 or so if you can find them used. Much better skis than I'm sure you are using can be had new for $200 or less, and about half that used. Fischers are particularly good all-around waxless XC skis.
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Old 02-08-2018, 12:22 PM   #4
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The Alpina Alaskas are wonderful, but I also found them on the narrower side of the three 3 pin boots I have owned. After maybe 30 miles of breaking in they fit like a glove though.

If you arent looking to spend much money, I would recommend the Whitewoods 301 in 3 pin. Its not terribly amazing as far as durability, warmth or rigidity, but it is a vast improvement on old floppy tennis shoe type boots. It does have a very wide fit to it. So wide in fact, I had to shave a bit of the rubber off to get it to fit into Rotefella Super Tele bindings. If you are just using it with old lightweight 3 pin bindings you wont run into any problem though. I bought the previous generation from Sierra Trading post for $39 as opposed to $250 for the Alaska. I would imagine the current ones are also wide.
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Old 02-08-2018, 05:25 PM   #5
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Fischer makes 3 pin boots still. Also try ebay -- I've seen several on there over the years both new and used.
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Old Today, 12:54 PM   #6
Barefoot Hiker
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Ohio, unfortunately
Posts: 135
Sorry for the long delay in response, I did read and appreciate all the comments right away.

TCD - these skis have no scales on them, all smooth. Around here is flat so seems to be just fine.

I've done some more research on ptex and doing repair, but come across several references saying not to repair a waxless ski unless the gouge is through into the core material? None of my damage is into the core.

I looked at some of the boots, and well a bit to pricey for me! Maybe if I could use them more, but I usually only get out maybe twice a winter, were talking maybe 10 miles of skiing a year sadly. And its not terribly scenic like the mountains around here, its more just for a different kind of workout when the snow is too deep to run the trail (I'll run up to about 4" deep, more than that is rare).

Dad can no longer ski due to heart conditions, and he has a few different sets of skis I've been meaning to get (but still would need new boots). I just only visit during the summer and skis always slip our minds then!

I'll keep my eye out on ebay, I just hate gambling with fit. Then again the boots I have don't fit at all lol!

You can see the old vinyl like coating is cracked and coming off the boots, it seems much worse in person than in the pic. Maybe I could just seal it with silicon for now like a tent lol.

Dreaming of the day I can go skiing in the Adirondacks without it being a long drive!
Shoes not required

39/46 get'n closer
19/46 barefoot

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