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Old 06-04-2018, 06:52 PM   #1
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ADK Fishing Report: "Flat Hike" Pond 6-3-18

After my debacle on Saturday, I made the hike into “Flat Hike” Pond, yesterday, in search of Little Tupper Strain Brook Trout (I have yet to catch one of these.). A better nickname is probably “Undulating Trail” Pond. Trip/fishing summary as follows:
  • Started hiking at 7:55 am. It took me about an hour into the pond. There was one other vehicle at the trail head. At around the 1-1/2 mile make, I passed “Possible Snapper Habitat” Pond.
  • The trail has 8-10 downed trees across it in various places. Most are easily traversed, but, a few are in marshy areas and it takes some care to get around them.
  • I took a spur trail to the pond which passes a fish barrier dam.
  • That particular area of the pond has a very big/long area of shallows. You literally back-walk 60 or 70 yards out into the pond before sitting down in the float tube.
  • This pond should be an absolutely ideal trout pond. It has extensive, gently-sloping shallows into deep water. Reminds me very much of Timber Lake – a comparably-sized Brook Trout lake near Iron River, on Michigan’s upper peninsula.
  • After spending the first 45 minutes or so, looking for turtles, I worked the area between where I put in and a big rock off the pond’s lean-to. In the morning, I worked an intermediate line with 3 flies. I caught nothing and had no strikes.
  • The resident loon pair showed up within 15 minutes or so, to check me out, then moved on. Curious, I’ve dealt with loons on ponds in the northeast, Michigan’s upper peninsula, and Minnesota’s north shore. They usually pay a visit within the first 15 minutes or so. I can set my watch to it. They are, however, lovely animals.
  • In the late morning, there were mayfly duns popping up in the bay adjacent to the lean-to. I saw one small fish working these close to shore. I made a few casts, but, was unable to interest it.
  • I trolled back to where I put in, but worked deeper water, again with no success.
  • After an early lunch, I worked back over to the rock, of the lean-to, but with a type 3 fast sinking line. I got pretty far offshore. This is a big pond – over a 100 acres I believe – and the wind had come up. Since I was on the windward side; the swells were a bit more pronounced and I was a bit uncomfortable this far out into the pond. But I kept to it. Again no strikes or activity whatsoever.
  • I worked back to my put in point, this time closer to shore, with the intermediate line and 3 flies. Again, no action. I ended up leaving about 1:40 pm after about 3-1/2 hours of fishing.
  • Perhaps I hit it on a bad day or maybe it needs a little more time for the trout population to expand…..
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Old 06-04-2018, 08:15 PM   #2
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Old 06-04-2018, 08:53 PM   #3
Pauly D.
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Was there a lot of pine pollen on the water? I struck out last weekend too. Looking back through my journal I have struck out the last few years when the pollen comes off the trees and is thick on the surface. Trying too see if there's a correlation.

Glad your only visitor was a loon this time. They don't bite that hard

Maybe that's a way to gauge if there are snappers in the pond? I would think an aggressive snapper would chase a loon off or maybe kill it? No loons = giant, nasty turtles may be present.
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