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Originally Posted by Gman View Post
Hey not my claim. I'm quoting your own State University. I guess they'd be some kind of authority. Here's the quote:

"Coyotes can be a significant problem to individual sheep-raisers and may occasionally kill young calves. Those who raise livestock should recognize that coyotes are a potential hazard and use guard dogs, fencing, pasture management and other practices that minimize opportunities for coyote depredation. Farmers who suffer loss or damage to livestock or pets are permitted to eliminate the “nuisance” coyotes. Uncontrolled domestic dogs are a much greater threat, responsible for losses to livestock far exceeding losses from coyotes."

And here's the link:
NY doesn't have a single state university in the traditional sense. It has a group of colleges and universities that are collectively part of the SUNY (State University of NY) network.

I can see what the text says on the website you referenced. Do you have links to the studies or raw data that prove this statement? Since the author is a professor, I'd expect there to be some underlying source or study to back up what he is saying.

That aside, this professor does seem to acknowledge that coyotes "can be a significant problem to individual sheep-raisers and may occasionally kill young calves," which is similar to what I've been saying from the beginning.
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Hard Scrabble
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An interesting conversation.
But we all know that coyotes predate on wild or domestic livestock, when the opportunity arises.
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Hard Scrabble
Join Date: May 2015
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Originally Posted by Gman View Post
"But this notion held by some posters here that you can just put out an LGD or two, build your fence and not have to worry about predator issues is just plain naive."

I'm the naïve one? You're making a fool of yourself.

I have actually raised sheep for 30 years. What have you done? My in laws were huge cattle drovers and producers. None of us lost livestock to a coyote attack. My in laws had trouble with domestics dogs running cattle. All we did with sheep was provide a safe area during lambing (that's a fence BTW)

I did an online search of coyotes preying on livestock in New York State and found nothing. In fact SUNY Department of Environmental Science states free ranging domestic dogs are a far bigger problem.

Here's one from NY State you should read:

Hunting might be a "management tool" as you claim but it sure isn't a very effective one. More gobbledegook from those who feel a need to justify killing coyotes.

Here's the best management tool....Leave them alone!
Cattle Drovers??? In NY State???
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Ontario, lots of them. They are wholesale buyers and sellers of livestock. Many years ago cattle were driven to market in a traditional sense, on foot, horse etc. Today they are transported by truck, rail etc.. Most small local sales barns are gone now. Livestock are shipped to sales in bigger centres or sold directly to packers.
Izaak Walton a great writer? He can't even spell COMPLETE.
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