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Old 01-28-2018, 08:15 PM   #1
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Map of Fracking Sites in Adirondacks and NYS

Hi Folks,

It's my understanding fracking is occurring or may be in planning stages for many NY state locations. It's also my understanding that some of the current or planned fracking sites may interact with both DEC managed park and other lands. I searched for more information on this, where I hoped to find GPS coordinates (or a map) of these sites, however found little information. I thought I would at least find a map for the NYS parks, however again found little information. The only information I found shows a vague map of shale deposits towards the Western park of New York. This map actually contradicts other information I observed about these sites being in parts of the Catskills and Adirondacks, which are further North.

For the sake of understanding this better, does anyone have knowledge of these fracking sites or guidance on where the information exists? I would expect at least ADK to actively be promoting such accurate maps to inform the public.

Thanks so much,
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Old 01-28-2018, 09:49 PM   #2
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Originally Posted by npapadon View Post
Hi Folks, It's my understanding... Nick
Not sure where you are hearing this. Fracking ban has been in effect statewide in NY since 2015.
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Old 01-28-2018, 10:00 PM   #3
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Plenty of shale across the southern tier of NY and plenty of gas below it and some, I think, up s east/east of Watertown?
But as TCD said, Fracking with chemicals is banned in NY BUT someone is trying to get around that ban in Chenango County or Tioga County [?} with propane which is not specifically banned. [loophole].

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Old 01-29-2018, 08:13 PM   #4
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I received a numerous responses. While the Governor stopped one particular type of modern fracking (high volume), other more grandfathered means of extracting natural gas exist and continue in the forests. One method still in use is called "hydrofracking vertical wells". Surprisingly, the NYS Hunter's Forum provided me the most insight.

For your thought...

Earthworks response:
Since late 2014, New York has prohibited high volume hydraulic fracturing in deep shale (Marcellus) deposits--so that practice has never occurred in the state. However, the state has a small oil and gas industry, and some operators may use hydraulic fracturing methods. The state regulatory agency has information on oil and gas activities on public lands:

If you mean gas infrastructure, there's a good map of pipelines and compressor stations currently operating or being planned:

Hunter's Forum:
The governor only banned High Volume Horizontal Hydrofracking. That practice must be necessary to make the Marcellus shale attractive and economical. There are still conventional vertical wells in NYS Forests that are hydrofracked in western NY. That older practice is still legal here.

There are also a number of State Forest Unit Management Plans that include gas drilling in them. During the Pataki administration, DEC was ordered to put gas extraction in every plan where gas was a possibility. If these UMPs have not been revised since the ban, they will still call for gas drilling as a multiple use.

Hydrofracking of vertical wells was legal before horizontal drilling was being done. It remains so. The "horizontal drilling" and "high volume" are what triggered a new environmental review process.

Contacts within DEC - now retired - had briefed me on the state of some of the existing wells on State Forests prior to the fracking boom that became controversial here around 2008. While I have no first hand knowledge of those wells, I cannot imagine they shut them down since nothing changed for them, except maybe the price of gas.
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Old 01-29-2018, 09:28 PM   #5
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To add to your data - I had my residential water well hydrofracked about 3 years ago. A very small earthquake had caused a lot of gravel to fill in the well hole (about 550' underground). The well started working very poorly, after years of good service. The original driller (very professional) came back and fracked the well, and it has been performing as it originally did since then. It cost some bucks, but it was a good fix.
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Old 01-30-2018, 04:18 AM   #6
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Birds know, to fly south, but I can't figure my brother out.
Bears know, to hibernate, but I can't make your path go straight.
The fishing was really good for 10,000 years.

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Old 01-30-2018, 10:46 AM   #7
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Hi Sero,

Sorry if I confused you with my water well information.

Your posts are always interesting.. but I have to admit, most of the time I don't understand your posts, either.

But maybe you actually got my point - is this thread a fishing expedition? What are we fishing for?
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fracking protection

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