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Old 07-16-2017, 08:11 PM   #1
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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St Regis 9 carries 7/7/17 - 7/11/17

Part 1 Not to sure how much to write because it was a fun long time. I did read up on how some like to marathon it and others stop to smell the roses. We choose to relax.

Poured all day driving up from Long Island NY. A little detour going to NH to check out a Chestnut wood canvas canoe which ended up on top of my roof and I paid St. Regis outfitters some $ to store it while we were doing the 9 carries.

We put in late at Hoel and left the car there. The plan was to come out by Clear, walk over to the fish hatchery, check it out then carry over to the Hatchery Brook and paddle that into Saranac. Then at the take out I walked back to Hoel to retrieve the car and we loaded up and drove back to St. Regis in Saranac to get the Chestnut. From there it was up to Paul Smiths for 3 days of the WCHA, where I carved a paddle with the help of Caleb, whew. Do I have to write details now about the paddle?
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Old 07-16-2017, 08:58 PM   #2
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 164
Part 2

I lent my friend a classis Hornbeck, which he created a lovely carry thwart using an aluminum fish net tube on top of a hiking backpack. The Bills bag I gave him is way to bulky to carry. He was hands free which would prove to be very helpful when I took a spill on the muddy flooded 1.6 carry, ouch.

I was using a Placid Rapidfire with the same type of set up to carry that I used last year in Algonquin with Bioguide, not the quickest set up, or comfortable. I used the Bag Lady fabric yoke also and all I was able to see was my feet, a foot or two on either side of me and when tilted up my friends foot heels.

Let's just say that the weather g-ds were with us 95% of the time.

We paddled Hoel, my friend went inside the tube with my boat (I said ok, bad idea but it could have been worse) I carried up and over the tracks. He scraped the boat but its fine. We paddled into Turtle then I think we got into Slang and found a site, weather held up then it rained after we set up tarp! nice.

Next day we paddled into Long, he went fishing, I did some journal writing and drawing (teacher in me). We took a site near the path to go hiking the next morning but because we had the 1.6 carry we figured on saving the hike for another time (smart of us). Oh yea, it poured on us as we picked our site on Long, set up tarp in the rain.

So my Rapidfire is 28lbs, nice and light. That's about it. The pack was app 45lbs, paddles, life jacket, spare paddle, fishing pole... guessing 75lbs altogether. You can do it! My buddy yells at me, slowly step by step we go. The trail starts to dip down and mud, deep mud, water, deep water, rocks, roots, slip, whoops, oh no! Boat goes in air, pack pushes down on me and here we go, timber! watch out for the... ouch! As I lay in the mud a burning pain is shooting along my shin, ok I thought, I didn't hit my head on that rock. Now I'm 8-10 inches in mud on my hands and knees. Hmmm, had a knee replacement about 6 years ago, hope it's still working. I had to unclip my pack and roll over to get it off of me. Boat ok? Landed right side up, hmmm any holes? Will find out soon. Was my friend behind me? Nope, he was going slow and steady, I rushed trying to leap from rock to rock, stupid me. That burning feeling was the scrape on my shin, some blood trickling down my leg, it's official I'm a clutz! Guess I paid the portage g-ds their share. My friend shows up and we decide that I will carry my pack and since he was hands free we will each take an end of the boat and carry together the rest of the way. Very difficult for him, easy for me because the mud filled up my boots and I didn't care about the water or mud anymore.

Well, we continued the journey, made it to Fish pond and found the lean to unoccupied and what a site it is! The lean to was next to a cold stream that was flowing real nicely, plus the previous guests left us some trail magic! We drank some, carried out the garbage and left some for others, thank you!

It was then off to the beautiful esker portage which I never got to see because all I ever saw under my boat was my feet, some grass on either side and the bugs flying around in my boat. I did figure out a new way to carry the RF easier by strapping on dry sacks on each side making a type of shoulder pad to raise the boat up higher letting me have hands free a bit. I did have to rest about 5-6 times on the esker to stop, rest and take a peek. It was hot and humid inside that boat while my friend enjoyed a breeze.

We them made it into St. Regis pond and tried to get site #1 near the take out, wasn't there, some sites are closed for regrowth. We went back and grabbed the other lean to. Saw a cool Merganser (sp?) with 23 babies on a log. We spent the night there knowing it was to be our last.

In the am we did a few more carries and got into Clear Pond, from there we carried (oops, wrong way a bit) to the fish hatchery and spent some time there, very cool and huge 5 y/o fish. We then carried onto rte 30 and put in on Hatchery Brook, let me tell you this folks, that is probably the nicest paddle I have ever been on up in the ADK. It meandered for a bit and the blue dragonflies were all over us, like Avatar. We had to go under a bridge and because the water was high I barely made it, did take some water on the side of the boat but kept it upright. I did fall over one time somewhere on the trip getting out but that's par for the course. We had lunch at the low bridge and then came out into Upper Saranac. Bit windy there, we didn't want to stay to the right along the shore the whole way and choose to go into the wind. Took a while but we found that rock island, Tommy's Rock and stayed to the right. Jet skiers and motor boats were around but not to many.

Once at the take out it was time to go for a walk back to the car, my friend stayed with our gear. oops, back to the gear because I forgot the keys, didn't go to far, only 2-3 minutes. Walk along the road looking at nice houses, crossed over the busy 30, walked along the golf course, into the woods and see my car. Key in the ignition, cross my fingers and it stated up!
Sweating a lot because it was humid. Back to my friend and load up, hit St Regis in Saranac, pick up Chestnut canoe and off to Paul Smiths for 3 days of car camping there. Great assembly if you ever get a chance to go there. Next year its in Canada app 175 miles from Watertown, then back at Paul Smiths for their 40th anniversary 2019.

Now to figure out pics. Great trip, love the ADK's! Thanks for the previous trip reports and updates! Health and happiness to all.

PS, I know the bug situation could have been worse but they were annoying little buggers. Bit through my socks and shirt at times.

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Old 07-17-2017, 12:17 PM   #3
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Great trip report Coldfeet. Can't wait to see the photos and a few of your new Chum.

That's all for now. Take care and until next well.


PS - Glad your spill on the carry trail wasn't any worse.
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Old 07-26-2017, 12:26 PM   #4
Connecticut Yankee
Connecticut Yankee
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Great report on a beautiful area. Hatchery brook, never paddled it and I have a house 2 miles from there, right near your takeout on USL. Funny how you put off things at your back door but travel all over for other great destinations. I just went down and carried into Boreas ponds, but now Hatchery Brook has climbed up near the top of my list. My brother and his wife are coming for a visit from California in a couple of weeks, that sounds like a great short trip to take them on, thanks for the heads up.

John M.
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