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oneshotsteve 12-08-2021 09:21 PM

Verplank Colvin lithographs
I have several Verplank Colvin lithographs and large format maps that I’d like to sell to someone who appreciates the history. These are originals having been removed by others from original NYS Survey reports by Colvin. Some are framed and others matted. We no longer have wall room. I’m happy to email photos and prices to serious inquiries. Thank you.

Dave Bourque 01-19-2022 08:42 PM

I read with great interest everything I can find about Verplank Colvin. While I have the wall space for what must be amazing parts of history, I probably don't have the finances for these historical treasures. But I do have a hopeful recommendation. Can these snapshots of Adirondack history be scanned and shared digitally? I have worked with the Schaefer Family scanning in Vincent Schaefer's hand typed descriptions of the Long Path through Schoharie County. Eventually all of his notes and hand edited topo maps will be available on-line. If shared, your collection would be an amazing addition to what is known about Colvin. I'd be glad to help arrange any scanning.

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