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coachbatt 09-07-2019 11:16 AM

It could also be the dried fruits. They can really have a laxative effect if you eat several per day.

Jackson 09-07-2019 04:53 PM

Yes we've all been there unfortunately..... I live on the Mid Atlantic coast.....every time I visit the Adks, I have a hurry-up bathroom visit, usually on the 2nd or 3rd day of my trip, I think it is the fresh Adk air that moves things along.
Sometimes I have "situations" back at home too. I just think it is due to my diet perhaps?
Not sure, but I do know when I get that "warning" from my gastrointestinal tract, I make my way to the nearest appropriate area off the trail or to the nearest rest room.

Schultzz 09-07-2019 10:27 PM

Xanax can be addictive. Very addictive. Klonopin is prescribed for seizures. I would recommend more naturopath remedies with better physical fitness and of course a consult with your PCP first.

montcalm 09-07-2019 10:49 PM


Originally Posted by Schultzz (Post 277813)
Xanax can be addictive. Very addictive. Klonopin is prescribed for seizures. I would recommend more naturopath remedies with better physical fitness and of course a consult with your PCP first.

Addiction shouldn't be an issue for the OP if he were to use it for this specific situation. It's pretty mild and doesn't really have any "feel good" kind of symptoms. It makes you a little tired but relaxed. If you are anxious and keyed up, that can really put your intestinal tract on edge. Sometime being in an new, exciting area can do that. Sometimes just the excitement of a journey. It's always better to find some natural remedy or change in habits, but sometimes the stress of an incident like this can make things worse no matter what. No one really likes pooping their pants and it can be very traumatizing for an adult.

Klonopin in practice, as it is used for anti-anxiety or panic attacks is very similar to Xanax, but longer lasting. Some may find it too strong and make you too sleepy. Klonopin would actually be a better choice IMO. If it was a chronic issue, a general anti-depressant is a good idea, but if this is isolated, those other drugs are far more effective.

I can't predict what a PCP, gastro or psych might prescribe as everyone has different opinions, but my knowledge on IBS it's very common to use the things I have described. More likely than not you'll have the best bet with a psych prescribing these, but some people feel self-conscious about seeing one. Really it's something that gastro's know about as well, but they may be more reluctant to prescribe anything as they'll look more at the physical side (sometimes) and less at the overall picture of the psychological impacts. I know some gastro's find this humorous, but for a person this can be scary and/or embarrassing. But in terms of life threatening things like cancers, it can seem trivial. That's why a psych may be more sympathetic.

montcalm 09-07-2019 11:03 PM

And just to add, both Xanax and Klonopin are commonly prescribed to people for situational anxiety. A perfect example is fear of flying. These short term anxiety meds help people relax enough to make it through that event without having a full blown panic attack. They are also very effective for panic attacks and panic disorder, although long term anxiety meds are usually prescribed as well. But because these are temporary and fast acting, they are good for this occasional emergency type use. It's really where they are ideal and have less risk of dependence. But all that needs to be evaluated based on the individual and their history.

Often times these problems are mental and seeking solutions from physicians can be a waste of time. It's worthwhile to check both but a lot of times people develop poor behavior (avoidance, anxiety, depression, guilt, etc) from not dealing with these types of problems, if they truly are a problem. Sometimes it's a fluke, but if it becomes disruptive that's when you should seek help. JMO.

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