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Pauly D. 09-28-2020 08:45 PM

Warbonnet Ridge Runner
Does anyone own a Warbonnet Ridge Runner hammock? I've been using a Hennessy for years and am thinking of switching to a lay-flat hammock. I'm concerned the Warbonnet is easy to tip over after looking at the setup. Thanks,

electbc 09-29-2020 12:51 PM

I own one, two actually. I made the mistake of letting my daughter use mine so then I needed one for myself. It can be a little cumbersome getting in and out but once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake. It did take me several nights before I actually got a good nights sleep, I never gave up on it and now I sleep like a baby. I sleep on my back and side.
Coldfeet had one for all of a couple of weeks before he decided it wasn't for him after he wound up on the ground, I never fell out of mine in my couple of dozen nights hanging.
The second one I bought, the previous owner tied up the apex a foot in so it will fit under the tarp better, I never noticed any balance difference using that one over the other.
It is a longer suspension requirement, about 15 feet so tree selection isn't as easy and as a result, the apex extends past out the doors even on a Superfly tarp.
It takes up a lot of space in under the tarp and your TQ can fall out easily, I usually remove one set of poles during the day to prevent flipping, loosing the TQ, and to give more space. You can also zip up the bugnet during the day to prevent the TQ from falling to the ground.
I went and bought a SLD Winter Haven tarp with 3 interior poles, 13 foot ridgeline, my next one will be a 14 footer, but I am weather protected with a 13 just fine.
Now your UQs wont work on a RR so you will have to factor in that cost, good thing about this gear, is that if properly cared for, it doesn't loose much value, they are bought and sold frequently on, Ridgerunners and their UQs sell pretty fast!
I know two people who didn't like theirs but I believe they never gave them a good chance, all of the reviews on Hammockforums are positive.
I love mine.
Hand the good hang.

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