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Creekwader 05-03-2017 08:59 AM

I'm participating this year. As for training, well not as much as I'd hoped but I'll get some in once the rain abates.

Riosacandaga 05-04-2017 07:58 AM

I rode the dirt route yesterday. Road is soft. Cratered in spots. Town of Inlet had just york raked the last 5 miles out to Limekiln Road. Weather was delightful. If you like snow, rain, sleet....

mulveyr 05-14-2017 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by 1bluefin (Post 258104)
Hi all, anybody training for this years event? I have never done this but have an interest in trying it. This year Indian to Inlet. Please chime in if you plan to

Yep! My fourth year, and my 16-year-old's third. We're hoping it doesn't start out as rainy as last year. :-)

mulveyr 06-08-2017 05:42 PM

Looks like good weather for the Black Fly this weekend!

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