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50something 02-11-2021 07:31 PM

Feb 3, 2021 Ski Bushwhack to Fisher Vly Lake (Pinnacle Rd TH)
After two scouting outings, we made it to the Vly on Feb 3. Snow conditions outstanding as anyone can guess. Starting at the Pinnacle Rd TH in the southern part of the Shaker Mt Wild Forest, we skied the 3.5 miles on the blue trail to County Line Lake; finally all the minor stream xings are froze up. Once on the lake we skied west bout.4 mile then started the bushwhack, heading first at 210 degrees to the height of land betwn the watersheds, then due south to the vly. The topo map undersizes the actual winter size of Fisher Vly by a factor of 3. It truly is a lake surrounded by a vly that is well over a mile long. The snow on the vly is 2.5 ft unconsolidated powder as we found out many times as we sank suddenly WHOOOMFF down to the brush and alders below. We had limited time to explore so we headed east toward Little Oxbarn Lake but turned around before reaching it. Next time... the ski back along our bushwhack was half the time to get in and the ski down from CL lake was a blast. Will add the gps map and a photo or two later...

50something 02-11-2021 07:44 PM

Pics of map and two of Fisher Vly Lake
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Map shows bushwhack; image with my buddy Elliot is lookin west from Fisher Vly; other pic is looking east toward Little Oxbarn Lake.

montcalm 02-12-2021 09:45 AM

Nice - I've never been here. But it looks like a good ski in the right conditions. What is the trail to CL lake? I can't imagine it's snowmobile seeing that it ends at Silver Lake Wilderness.

50something 02-14-2021 08:52 PM

No snow machines in there; theres plenty of legal trails for sleds just a mile away anyway. The blue marked trail to County line lake starts off gradual, flattens out at a good size vly and then climbs moderately steep for a half a mile to the height of land and drops gradually down to the lake. Anyone familiar with back country skiing and can ski something not even steep as the steepest part of avalanche pass can do it, for sure in these great powder conditions that we’re having.

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