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PaulK 03-02-2015 10:30 AM

Piseco Airport XC Ski Loop
Morning All,

It's been difficult lately to find good long tracked out loops in the backcountry due to the depth of the dry snow this winter. So I thought I'd pass this on. The 10k Piseco Airport ski loop has been tracked out by multiple skiers over the weekend and is in outstanding shape right now. This little used loop goes through all kinds of wooded terrain, an intermediate trail, and is marked fairly well.

Best bet is to start at the Haskell Rd parking area, and ski up the NPT
trail until you see the signs for the Piseco Loop. Just remember when you come out onto the airport runway at around 9k, don't go southwest down the runway to Old Piseco Rd. Cross the runway and look for the signs (a little to the West) leading back into the woods. This will lead you back to the NPT trail and out.

Ski on, friends!!

PaulK 01-18-2016 12:13 PM

Snow conditions are superb on the little used "Foxey Brown" cross country ski loop at Piseco today. We skied much of it yesterday. Don't let the airport part fool you, this is primarily a 6-mile backcountry loop. There are incredible stretches running through dense spruce and hemlock woods and passing thru beaver flows. No open water except one small step over.

Conditions are sweet now with another 4" of new snow last night. While I won't call it perfect with today's depth, it's darn close. Of course another 12" would be perfect.

BTW, had dinner at the Oak Mountain Acorn Bar in Speculator. Holy moly, the chef there is putting out INCREDIBLE dinners. Don't hesitate to go to Oak for truly extraordinary entrees in the $9 to $16 range.

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