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GreenHorn 01-17-2020 09:05 PM

Hornbeck new tricks 12' for sale
I have a used Hornbeck new tricks 12' low profile for sale. I'll take $1500 for it or best offer. Very good condition, a few scratches on the bottom(normal wear).

I bought this last summer so my friend could go on canoe trips with me, we did one trip but he had a kid and moved so we probably won't be doing anymore trips together. (I have a classic 12' that I love).

I should add I bought this used. It was like new when I bought it. It was made in 2014.

PM me if interested. BTW I live in Western NY but Im willing to travel half way if you are far.( If that's the case I'll have to meet on a weekend).

- Jason

Nnyhunter 01-20-2020 01:37 PM

What size paddler is this boat appropriate for with camping gear?

GreenHorn 01-20-2020 04:13 PM

To be honest I would say this is for a smaller paddler due to it being low profile. Especially if planning to load it with gear. My buddy is a smaller guy, about 150 lbs and it seemed to fit him nicley. I'm about 220 and I feel like it's to small for me(not much freeboard loaded) thats why I'm selling it otherwise I would keep it for a backup.

Wldrns 01-20-2020 04:27 PM

Not so many years ago I took my 10.5' carbon hybrid Hornbeck on a diagonal trip through the Adirondacks, from Boonville to across Cumberland Bay beyond Plattsburgh. I had all the gear and food that I needed with me for entire 7 day trip, 185 miles, including a total of 62 miles of carries during a hot dry low water July. I weigh about 190 pounds. The Hornbeck performed well for me with no mishaps, even on the big lakes with wind, and especially when crossing the bay on Lake Champlain with big rolling waves, though I did have a home made nylon spray cover that helped most there. I would have no worries if I had the 12' instead. Even though low profile, I feel it would do the same trip just as well.

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