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smacsoccer 05-04-2015 10:56 AM

Forked Lake and nearby lean-to/wilderness sites
Hey everybody! We are heading to forked lake as a starting point for a little ADK adventure. We have people meeting us at a different time so we are looking to reserve a campsite on forked lake for at least a day and then potentially looking for something more secluded like a wilderness spot or a lean-to.

With that in mind we were looking at site #63 unless some other spots are significantly better (more private, good space). 63 gives us trail access for that day if needed and looks to be a good spot if we can venture further. Id appreciate any insight on those sites!

Lastly if anyone knows of where a lean-to or wilderness site is on that lake or nearby we would greatly appreciate it!!

snapper 05-04-2015 01:29 PM

There is a lean-to on Forked Lake itself. It's not part of the campground so it's available on a first come, first serve basis. If you leave from the campground it's on your left as you paddle up to the shore. You'll find it before where the river comes in from Raquette Lake.

And, speaking of Raquette Lake, if you take the carry over to Raquette you will find some lean-tos in that arm of the lake. There is a solitary one just a bit down on the right and then I think 3 more (it's been a while) also on the right. There is a large chimney there as well so it's easy to find.

Hope that helps. Take care, have a great trip and until next well.


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