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The Curtis MayFly was an important boat. It started life as Emily Brown's "SoapBox", a smaller version of the LadyBug for petite women. There was as econd SpaoBox built for Sue Stoltz before the plug was stripped for Curtis. Unfortunately the production version has significant V added to the stern to improve tracking. MayFly became an early differentially rockered hull, but it lost some of the LadyBug/SoapBox performance. It was one of the first solo canoes targeted for women, Sawyer's StarLight being the other, both from D Yost's workshop. Unfortunately it wasn't a financial success, selling ~ 25 hulls in ten years of production.

When Joe and I speced the SpitFire for DY we considered purchasing the MayFly mold. We preferred DY's more recent shouldered sides to the MayFly's bubbled ones, for both dryness and because they carry volume higher, lifting the stems higher and more predictably than bubble sides; but hardly important for a pack canoe due to the difficulty of heeling it that far when seated that low.

The larger issue was bottom shape. DY used more Gothic arch in the late 70's early 80's. MayFly's Veed stern would aid pack canoe tracking but limiting maneuverability. Finally, the mold was in great shape but would have been a problematic conversion for infusion, so we commissioned the SpitFire. Spit has DY's newer elliptical cross sections, is more stable, fraws a little less water and turns better. While we built a few, Joe no longer manufactures kneeling versions of SpitFire. They came in between 19 and 20 lbs with CobraSox rails. Current production Spits should not be converted to kneeling boats because the sides lack extra stiffening to support a rail mounted seat.

Conk will have a unique and historical ride!

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