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MDB and I skied Okemo the year that the lodge burned was $9, all surface lifts except for a chair on the beginner area. Ha, now a $100 lift ticket seems like a bargain...

Now that I'm ancient and have no time constraints, I bought a midweek only, non holiday season pass for MDB and myself at Mt Snow, $275 each!! And that includes Okemo, a bunch of little places as well as 5 days at Stowe. Even though I don't care for groomed snow, man-made snow, or even trails, at least we'll have consistent cover whenever we go.

We did quite a few half days at Royal last season, a great little spot with something for all levels of ability. I think it was $35 each.

For many years, I belonged to Schenectady Wintersports Club, which provided both CT and NY Ski Council Awareness Days at all sorts of large and small ski areas in NY, VT, NH, MA, and even ME. Some sort of deal nearly every day of the season. Typical lift ticket rates are roughly 1/3 of ticket window prices. Many other ski clubs provide the same sort of council days savings.
Sadly, all council days were suspended last pandemic affected season. I haven't looked to see if they're back this season.

My buddy that moved to PA has purchased the Indy Pass, which, provides 2 days each at over 40 different ski areas all over the eastern seaboard. Not sure of the cost, but his family of 5 skied much last year because they had that pass.

Besides all of the above, there's always Back Country skiing, but not everyone has the AT gear, nor is willing to earn their turns. For those of us that are equipped and willing, there's no better skiing experience than BC skiing in virgin powder, surrounded by silence. Even less experienced skiers can enjoy that type of skiing, just in less challenging conditions/environment.

So there it is. Is skiing too expensive? It can be.
But various club deals, smaller places, creative passes can mitigate those outrageous prices.
Or...get some AT gear, work on your skills and stamina and switch to BC skiing.

Edit to add:
There are a number of free rope tows in the ADK's, and there's plenty of fun to be had that way.
Near me is the still struggling Ridge Runners ski club, for a very small fee, you and your whole family can ski all you want using their rope tow.
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