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Originally Posted by yellowcanoe View Post
Yep I have seen cubs up some fifty feet in white pines.

Bears also climb bear stands.

As far as what the scat is..I don't know but the scale suggests big dog.

This last weekend on Lake Superior folks were wigged out about a paw print that was some five inches across. They were convinced it was bear.

But it had only four toes. Ergo possibly Newfie.
It would not be a big dog. It is on private land that does not get access by humans unless of course they are trespassing. Very remote area. There is a access road in (gated) and this scat was located 3 miles in. Saw two piles of bear scat as well as a couple of small coyote scats within the walk in to this particular scat. It is def not a domestic dog. However, I am not against it being a large wild canine.

I have a size 10 1/2 mens boot and one scat is older and white due to calcium from bone. They other is not so old and you can still see all the hair in the scat. Doubt its a dog.

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