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Gore Hiking Trails July 11

Having skied Gore for over thirty years but never hiked it, wasnít expecting much beyond the scenery I was used to. I was happily wrong. The Schaffer trail looked good and heard great things (gentle and follows a stream) but today was the Gore marked and signed trails from the base lodge

Bottom line is they are excellent! Trillium Trek which is up the Cirque Glades past huge boulders to Twister Cliffs (donít see these while skiing) to the saddle. Up Ruby around the Alpine Summit Loop then cloud to summit. Back down Cloud to the Sidewinder trail which parallels Sunway to the base. Five hours 2500 vertical and just over 8 miles. Easy soft trails. Mostly new trails in the woods for hiking only except Cloud which is a work road basically. Gotta go back to do the Sunway trail to qualify for their Gore 6er challenge and fleece blanket by October. Overall a great day followed by tacos at food trucks at Basil and Wicks. Gore very quiet maybe 8 hikers and less than 10 mt bikers. A few folks taking the gondola ride. Kudos to Gore on these hiking trails. Family and I pleasantly surprised how good they are!
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