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The non-campground portions of Limekiln Lake fall within the boundaries of the Moose River Plains Wild Forest. The DEC map for the Moose River Plains north area (PDF link) does not show any desgnated sites on Limekiln... that doesn't necessarily mean with absolute certainty that there aren't any designated first-come, first-serve sites on Limekiln Lake (the DEC doesn't exactly know where all of its designated sites are) but it does make it pretty unlikely that any legal shoreline camping exists outside of the campground.

Accordingly, the 150 foot rule applies- you'd be limited to camping at locations that are at least 150 feet off the water, and there's not likely going to be anything established that far back off the water. (Also you'd need to stay away from the north shore, which is part of the campground, as well as from the east shore, which is private.)

First-come, first-serve sites do exist on Seventh and Eighth Lakes in the Fulton Chain, as well as on Raquette Lake.
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