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Also, I just noticed on at least one of the DEC write-ups about Duck Hole that acidification is becoming an issue in Duck Hole. If the dam is to be rebuilt they will also want to consider the acidification and reversing it if it becomes a hindrance to lake flora and fish life. Liming the lake to bring the pH back up is one solution. It would be a shame to see duck hole acidify and not support the fish that some of the wildlife in the area depend upon and that we enjoy fishing for. I've never fished Duck Hole, but I am sure that some do.

The average cost to lime natural lakes (up to 5m in depth) is around $250 / Acre by helicopter or $50 / Acre by boat. That would put the cost of liming Duck Hole at around $15,250 by helicopter, $3,050 if done by boat.

This however may not be of significant benefit at Duck Hole however. A study would have to be done to see what effect the flow rate of the Duck Hole Dam and the replacement waters coming in would have on the pH and the ability to lime it. It may have to be performed upstream.

Anyway, I didn't really want to rain on anyones parade but if we're going to talk about preserving Duck Hole we have to look at all the issues.

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