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Don't get mad at me, please, but I think this keeping of "lesser known" public places as secrets is absurd and backfires. I came to this forum to learn more about my Adirondacks, it belongs to all of us you know. If I'd read this thread when I first came here I wouldn't have bothered. Trust me, you want more people canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, camping outside the formal campgrounds....when more people have a vested interest generally more protections are put in place, more areas are set aside as non-motorized. I've seen it in Montana, Washington, Oregon, N.Cali, Michigan...NY benefits from these sports because they have a heavy sidecar of sciences, eco-studies, wildlife studies, and saftey that comes with the nature of these activities producing a more informed public I'd think (even if it is a small part of the population). Baaaa Humbug to your secrets. It's a glass-half-empty approach focussing on the negative. Now that this forum is evidently where we come to brag that "I know something you don't", it becomes less interesting very quickly. Not a nice trend.
this will be my 10th summer on the water in the Daks since moving here from Oregon. I enjoy the ponds now as much as ever.
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