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I agree with Earthbound in some respects. People do come here to share ideas and experiences and hopefully, in the process, we all gain from it.

One person asks, "Hey, what is the best knot to lash down my canoe?" and another person says , "Try a truckers knot!". No one has gained at the expense of another even though it may have taken someone years to learn about that knot himself.

Would I feel diminished if I told people on this forum of a honey hole for fishing? Absolutely not. I think those who come here have a very healthy respect for others and for nature itself. I wouldn't feel as though I had to protect it and keep it for myself. Heck, maybe it would even push me to find the next honey hole.

My canoe, while kevlar and light, is too long for real wilderness portage so I never did any remote canoeing with it. I'll ask around and see if I can come with some spots.
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