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Originally Posted by EarthBound View Post
Trust me, you want more people canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, camping outside the formal campgrounds....when more people have a vested interest generally more protections are put in place, more areas are set aside as non-motorized.
While I agree to some extent that increased use of backcountry resources will result in an increased interest in protecting those resources, I don't think it's a clear-cut correlation. Increased accessibility does not always equate to increased stewardship- in fact, accessibility by itself without education often leads to a decreased sense of stewardship.

To answer the original question: As I'm sure you're noticing, the southern Adirondacks isn't exactly the mecca of paddling like the northern Adirondacks is. I can't honestly think of anything that would fit your criteria. You could certainly carry a boat back to some place like Pharaoh Lake, or Spruce/Cedar Leaks in the West Canada Lakes, but it's not going to provide you with solitude and/or a plethora of paddling opportunities.
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