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Wow it appears I have spawned quite the debate. I realize that everyone here has spent a lot of time finding there own gems. Quite frankly, I totally understand not wanting to share them. However, I'm not sure the lectures are completely necessary, nor do I appreciate the assumption that I've never glanced at a map. I don't need anyone to tie down my canoe, or to hold my hand and lead me into the woods. I too have spent a lot of time pouring over topo maps, and I have just recently started using the internet as an additional research tool. I found this forum, and it seemed like a place where good people shared the information that they wanted to share, and kept secret the information they wanted to keep secret. I admit, this is my first post to a forum, and I failed to consider that a thousand people could read all of your responses, and overrun your favorite places. I could just have done without the scolding. So thanks to those who made suggestions, sorry to those I offended, and try to relax...
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