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Are you definately looking to camp out? If not, stay at a hostel or something. If you are, and DO want to stay at Marcy Dam, let me reccomend making a loop out of it. You could take the Whales Tale Mtn. Ski trail (or make a longer, trip around the Van Hoevenberg trail with no climbing) up and over to the Algonquin trail, and nab Wright Peak. This would give you some warning as to wha to expect atop Algonquin. If all seems favorable, continue over Algonquin to the junction. Return by way of Lake Colden and Avalanche Lake & Camp. From the junction down to the Dam is about 3-5 hours, depending on your speed. If you are a faster group, then you could add in a 1.5-2.5 hr round trip to nab Iroquois Peak as well.
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