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XC/BC skiing with young kids

I tried to start my kids early with this but I didn't have much success. Perhaps others have, but I wanted to share my issues and what I plan to do in the future.

I tried to start my kids around 2-3yo with universal strap skis. They are 4 and we've still had no success with these skis. They are similar to the picture below.

Main issue we are having are boots. The winter boots we have and have seen won't hold the foot tight enough to use these. They simply pull the boot right off your foot if you fall, and then the kid is mad because they have a cold foot and want to quit.

They also seem kind of heavy for a kids. They aren't, but for the amount the boot can handle they seem really clunky. I would not recommend these. Perhaps if you can get the right boot, or have an older kid who can hold their foot in, they might work. It's possible that I might be pushing the age limit on these but I thought they were toddler skis. I think they could probably just go to a dedicated ski boot and try.

My plan now is to just have them take some downhill lessons next year and maybe try renting some kids xc equipment if they are big enough to fit. Expectations are not high, but just to get some exposure.

I did the same thing with bikes when they were 2 and by 3 they had a lot more interest in them and by 4 they were ripping.
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