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Originally Posted by Bob K View Post
The shape of the tips + notch make me think they are meant for climbing skins. I put a similar tail notch in my bc xc skis to wrap a trimmed skin to the upper side where a small screw makes an attachment point. A good way to help keep the skin in place. I did this after losing one in deep snow. Found the details on the net.
I think you're right. The little nobs on the tips will allow use of the "D" ring on a skin that is much narrower than these boards. Narrow skins would work so long as you don't try to do any steep traversing where the ski would be up on edge. That would be difficult to do with a ski this wide anyway. After climbing up, you will want to go down, therefore my concern for sidecut remains.

Standard tail clip attachment would work with these skis.
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