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Port Leyden/Lyonsdale area

Looking for some information regarding this area specifically Mooser River Rd area and a bit north.

Interested in land in this area for a ski cabin mostly to visit Snow Ridge, McCauley, Lesser Wilderness, Haderondah, Pigeon Lakes, BREIA, Five Ponds, with the occasional trip to North Creek.

I ski in this area frequently, but I'm unfamiliar with this particular area. It looks like it could be a good base for a cabin and I frequently see land for sale. Inside or outside the blue line as fine as long roads are plowed and I can readily get over to Rt 28 along Moose River Rd. Also would not like to be directly along a snowmobile route as the noise is not something I enjoy.

I plan on doing some more exploring in this area to familiarize myself with the back roads but for now I figure this is a good start.

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