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Day Trip from Wells

Every year our family rents a cabin in Wells and every year we do at least one day trip. Over the years we've gone to most of the major towns within a 2 hour drive... Some more than once.

Specifically, we've done days in Lake George, Saratoga, Cooperstown, Lake Placid, and Old Forge.

As well we've spent time in many of the smaller towns as part of hikes and similar outings.

I'm looking for ideas for this year's day trip. Burlington VT would be high on the list, but I think it's a little too far. Is there anywhere else in VT worth visiting that would be closer?

I also thought of doing a day at the Great Escape theme park but that's not really our thing. The attraction there is i could take the family to ride The Comet... a ride i rode as a kid every summer when it was still at Crystal Beach on Lake Erie.

Are there any other obvious towns worth visiting I'm not considering? Should we bite the bullet and do Burlington anyways?

Thanks everyone.
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