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I think Burlington is worth a visit- Church Street is a nice place to spend a few hours walking around, checking out stores, eating lunch or dinner, etc. It's a bit different than an "authentic remote village" experience, though.

Some towns in the Adirondacks:
  • Saranac Lake: Check out the Paul Smith's VIC and/or climb St. Regis Mountain, walk around downtown, get ice cream at Donnelly's, eat pizza at Little Italy.
  • Tupper Lake: Check out the Wild Center and/or climb Arab Mountain, walk around downtown, get pizza at Little Italy or eat at Big Tupper Brewing.
  • Wanakena: Hike to High Rock on the Oswegatchie (or, bring a canoe and paddle the Oswegatchie), eat food at the Pine Cone Grill. A bit (a lot) less touristy but still a nice area to visit; just don't expect any stores.
  • Schroon Lake: Hike into Spectacle Pond in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, walk around downtown, eat at Sticks and Stones.
  • Ticonderoga: Visit the fort and/or visit Crown Point (or hike into Springhill Ponds in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness), not really sure about food here but I see there's a few options downtown. (Ticonderoga unfortunately is struggling a bit- the area never really recovered from the decision to route the Northway further west).

Towns like Long Lake, Keene Valley, Speculator, and Caroga Lake are worth visiting as well.
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