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Originally Posted by OntarioSkiBum View Post
Checking out the Wild Center has always been on my radar so I'll keep that suggestion in mind, though Tupper Lake doesnt seem to have much charm for exploring.
You're not wrong, but it's worth pointing out that part of the reason for this is because most tourists tend to go other places (like Lake Placid) and spend money there instead. Tupper Lake has improved a lot (thanks largely in part to the Wild Center, which I believe was located there in part because the local economy is struggling) and it does still have a ways to go- and visitors to the area is something that can help this process a lot.

Originally Posted by OntarioSkiBum View Post
I googled Church Street and the downtown Burlington area. It does look impressive. It's still 2.5 hours though. I'd consider doing the ferry on the way in for extra "adventure". If we don't make it out this year, I'd consider a trip specifically for Burlington another time when we're not at Wells.
I think this sounds like a good idea. Northern VT in general is well worth it's own trip/vacation.

Tick Magnet's suggestion of Albany actually isn't a bad one, if you've never visited the area. The State Museum is worth checking out; it takes about an hour for adults, maybe 2 hours if you've got kids. The Empire State Plaza is pretty neat for about 15 minutes. I think the Capitol does tours also. You've also got the floating museum on the USS Slater on the river, or you could take a river cruise on the Dutch Apple. Lark Street and nearby Washington Park is nice for walking around for an hour or so, and in addition to the places to eat on Lark Street there's the Pump Station Brewery and the Old English Pub down near the river.

Albany probably actually isn't worth a full multi-day trip in its own right, but if you were already staying nearby I'd say it is definitely worth a day trip. You could also pair a day in Albany with a future trip to the Catskills (another area that is well worth vacationing in if you've never done so).
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