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Originally Posted by sam_fink View Post
Thanks guys.

Looking for something leisurely and to stay on the rivers - not looking to portage if we don't have to.

What about the lower-middle-upper saranac lake? Is there a route?
There is a short half mile carry, mostly on a dirt road at Bartletts Carry between Upper and Middle Saranac Lake. After Middle, you can either take the self-operated lock, or carry about 40 feet around it to get to Lower Saranac Lake. From there you can either take out at Ampersand Bay, or at a boat launch at the Rte 3 bridge, or continue further down on the Saranac River to take another lock (or carry 75 yards around it) to paddle directly to Saranac Lake village.

One thing to consider when planning to be on the larger lakes... you are more likely to have to deal with wind and big waves, and on nice summer afternoons there will be motorboat traffic, sometimes many of them generating annoying wakes and noise. The Saranacs (Upper/Middle/Lower) are very popular with large fast motorboats as well as paddlers, and that's not a good mix. If you go on Long Lake, such motorboat traffic tends to drop off when you get about half way down the lake, and disappears once you get into the river.
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