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Originally Posted by sam_fink View Post
Thanks guys.

Looking for something leisurely and to stay on the rivers - not looking to portage if we don't have to.

What about the lower-middle-upper saranac lake? Is there a route?
If you opt for Middle-Lower you need to take into account that campsites require registration. If you fail to do this in advance and if there are open sites you would need to let the Ranger at the Locks know you need one (presuming you are coming from Bartlett Carry) and then paddle to the registration desk at the launch and then to your site.
If you want make things easy on yourself try to travel West to East....that normally puts prevailing wind behind you. Some of these lakes can kick up some healthy squalls.

For a quick trip with a short carry I always suggest Blue Mountain Lake to Racquette. There are lot's of very nice sites on Racquette.
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