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Harold Weston's Freedom in the Wilds , as edited and expanded by his granddaughter, Rebecca Foster, in 2008, describes a 1921 incident that was nearly identical to the rescue of the au pair in 1938. Again it was an au pair for an Ausable Club family who went to climb Dix and became lost on the return. Again it was also a chauffeur on his way to Westport who became aware of the girl's plight. Knowing of the 1938 rescue from Peter Bronski's At the Mercy of the Mountains, I questioned Rebecca whether Harold had just mis-remembered the dates years later when he wrote the first edition, published in 1971. She said that this incident was recorded in his diary for 1921 - a source she used for much of the added material.

Since the 1938 incident was independently reported in newspapers of the time, one has to believe that there were indeed two such nearly-identical incidents, but still I wonder .... The 1921 incident is related on pages 83-87 of the Third Edition. This edition also corrects, by removing, passages that referred to "Klondike Notch" being called "Railroad Notch" because was a route on the Underground Railway to get to John Brown's Farm.
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