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Short answer is no, none of this road is accessible to be driven by the public at any time of the year. It's an old logging road that (in it's current iteration) dates to the post-hurricane timber salvage operations that were conducted in the Cold River valley after the 1950 hurricane. After the hurricane, the state was worried that the immense quantities of blowdown would likely contribute to increased risk of a high-intensity wildfire, and logging companies were allowed into the Cold River area to salvage much of the downed wood. (The decision to allow this remains controversial even to this day.)

The section between Coreys and the state land boundary a bit south of Shattuck Clearing (near the junction with the trail to Moose Pond and Newcomb Lake) has been closed to all motor vehicle use for decades- ever since the High Peaks were zoned as a Wilderness Area (and I don't know that it was ever open to public motor vehicle use anyways). It's now a designated hiking and horseback riding trail- if you tried to drive it, not only would you not make it very far, you'd likely get ticketed and fined by the state for doing so. It's also not really in great shape, especially for horseback riding and even for hiking- it gets pretty brushy between the Calkins Creek lean-tos and Shattuck Clearing.

The southern stretch of the road, between the state land boundary south of Shattuck Clearing and Route 28N, is a private road posted against trespassing. This the the SUNY ESF Huntington Wildlife Forest; the property is privately owned by Syracuse University and it is used for forestry, fisheries, and wildlife research.

In any case, both ends are gated and locked year-round anyways. Several online mapping services (including Google Maps) have mistakenly shown the old road as a public road for years.
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