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If you ever get the chance, the Cold River loop that starts and ends in Coreys is an excellent 3+ day backpacking trip. The loop is comprised of this trail (known as the "Calkins Creek Truck Trail"), the Northville-Placid Trail between Shattuck Clearing and Duck Hole, and the Ward Brook Truck Trail. It's roughly 30+ miles through generally easy terrain- flat to gently rolling hills. The Cold River area is the most remote location in the Adirondacks. The Ward Brook area is very popular with hikers hiking in to climb the Sewards, and the NPT occasionally can see moderate levels of use, but on some good stretches of this loop you'll likely see few other hikers.

With the recent MacIntyre East land purchase, there are plans for a similar loop trail that starts/ends in Upper Works- a "Cold River south loop" around the Santanoni Range to complement this already existing "Cold River north loop" around the Seward Range. Combined, the two loops will form a roughly 50+ mile large loop (or a 60+ mile figure eight if you hike the Cold River stretch twice). The "Cold River south loop" is already possible using existing trails, logging roads, and herd paths, but much of it is as of yet unmarked so it does require some advanced navigational ability (finding unmarked junctions that aren't always very obvious, and knowing which way to go at each junction).

It also remains to be seen whether these trails will ever again see any meaningful maintenance. As I posted above, even the existing Cold River north loop (which is entirely on "marked and maintained" DEC trails) gets a bit brushy and hard to follow in spots. Even the NPT has a few spots where things get a bit less than clear (although a DEC employee did hike through and put up fresh markers on the entire NPT between Long Lake and Lake Placid last summer). Hopefully, with the new funding for trail maintenance things will improve somewhat in the Cold River area (at least with regards to keeping these trails from becoming completely overgrown).

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