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Originally Posted by JoeCedar View Post
If the varnish is sticking to the container, what harm is is doing? Does it flake or fall off easily? Why not let it stay where it is? It has been there for years. Do you think it will suddenly redissolve and cause problems with your stove when you add new fuel?
The bottles, with tax, are about $30 a pop.

I have not observed any varnish or other substances that may have precipitated out of the fuel onto the walls of my bottles. I read about it on a few websites that seemed credible. In fact, I have not attempted to peer into the bottles through their narrow mouths but I will take a headlamp and have a go.

My concern is that refilling the bottles with fresh fuel will cause the varnish et al to redissolve and then gum up the stove, which on a back-packing trip would not be so hot. (haha!)
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