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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Didn't you see me at the Capitol on Jan 6? I was wearing a pair of horns.
Too soon...

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Actually, I poured it into my car's gas tank at the rate of 0.5 liters per 50 liters of gas. So far, so good.
I am not going to bother cleansing out my bottles after reading the replies here. I will refill with fresh gas and run my stove for say, 20 minutes and see what transpires.
It will surely ruin your car.*

Biggest issue I've faced with my very-rarely-used white gas stove is o-rings. Make sure you supervise it for 20 min. Last time I did a test run on a patio I ended up with a small thermal incident.

Like an oak or pine, it's designed to burn. Change the o-rings, clean the jet and it should be a champ until it eventually finds itself back in your closet for another 10 years.

Also make sure to carry or replace the pump cup and oil it if it's a MSR. They fail and render the stove useless in service.

*I'm actually 99.9% sure it will not harm anything in the car.
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