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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
Maybe Bog River/Hitchens Pond? A short trip won't get you anywhere near Lows but it's still a nice enough area to spend a few hours. Plus it's a motor-free body of water.

Little Tupper Lake also isn't too far from Low's but IMO if you only have an hour or two available it's probably not the best spot since it's a larger body of water (and the interesting parts are all down on the west end).

There's some easier loops that can be done (with short portages) in the Fish Creek Campground/Saranac Inn vicinity- lots of kettle ponds and lakes here to poke around in an explore. Motors are allowed on some bodies of water but not all (and even many that do allow them have HP restrictions).

There's also the Raquette River- you could put in at the Crusher, at Axton Landing, or at Stony Creek. Explore upstream slowly against the current, then take a quick trip back to the put in with the current. Motorboats are allowed on the river but from my experience it tends not to be too crazy with motorized traffic.
Note that Bog River/Hitchens Pond/Lows Lake are extremely busy and crowded. The parking lot is often full with cars parked for many feet down the road.
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