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Originally Posted by Gman View Post
I find the reasoning for it more pitiful excuses by those looking to rational it.

Population control? This hunt will have zero effect and could cause a spike in population.

Pelt sales? Eastern coyote pelts are the bottom of the barrel. A NY coyote pelt would be fortunate to bring $20-$25 (Alberta pelts fetch 3x that). I don't know about you but I'm not fiddling with a coyote pelt for $20.

Worried about livestock? Don't be birthing calfs out in the back forty. Only a lazy man does that. Bring the cow into the barn or yard where you can watch it. For sheep fence your big field into smaller parcels so your guard dog can watch them better.

Pets. Keep your cat indoors where it's not killing songbirds. Do you know how many morons out there shoot a roaming cat? And get it neutered.

Don't leave your dog tied up outside to a dog box. Build a proper kennel for it.

Finally if coyotes had such an impact on deer than why are there more deer after coyotes moved in than at any time previously?

Well written, great points all the way around.
The more wilderness in the Adirondacks, the better.
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