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Black bears and campgrounds

Tips for avoiding bear problems in campgrounds. From a DEC handout

Taking care of food and garbage can help keep black bears in the forest and out of the campground.

  • Remove all garbage from your campsite at least once a day, especially right after each evening meal.
  • Clean your campsite including tables, fireplaces and the areas around them after each meal. Leave no scraps of food.
  • Clean all cooking and eating utensils
  • Keep food and utensils in closed containers and out them in the trunk of your car.
  • Completely and securely close your car.
  • Collect fat drippings or food scraps in a closed container and take it to the campground refuse/recycling center.

  • Leave food inside or outside your tent.
  • Eat food in your tent
  • Feed, bait, approach, or annoy bears.
  • Sleep in clothes worn while cooking.
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