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Originally Posted by pico23 View Post
1) I find it almost ridiculous to say nicknaming something is akin to conquering it.

2) I find it funny that we must pronounce the whole word in both writing and speech because it's "beautiful"

3) I realize why we are unable to solve basic problems in this country and on planet earth, people simply spend too much time worrying about the most nonsensical things.
I don't think anyone here is spending time worrying about anything. I know I certainly don't sit up at night thinking about my feelings towards the word Dacks. It's just a topic of conversation, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I respect everyone's right to call the region by whatever they want, I just choose not to call it the Dacks. I expressed my opinion as to why that is, and I'm sorry you feel that it's ridiculous, hilarious, or stupid. If you read my post more carefully, I also explained that since I've seen the term used here by many people that obviously don't fit my initial stereotype, I've stopped making that assumption. My complaint is also not with nicknames in general, just that one in particular. I can't explain it, sorry.

As for your belief that this is nonsensical, everyone holds beliefs that someone in the world will find nonsensical. Everyone has their pet cause that is important to them -- no, mine is not eliminating usage of the word Dacks -- and people need to respect that. With all due respect, I would say that the reason we can't solve problems in this country is not because people worry about nonsensical things, but because people can't respect or understand the viewpoints of others and simply dismiss them as nonsensical.

I apologize if this came across as rude, because it wasn't meant to
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