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Louie on Lewey & Snowy behind
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InThanks for all the great details. I have hiked Snowy a few times, many years ago. As a child my parents took my brother and I camping, and although we camped many different places, we were regulars at Lewey Lake. So Snowy was our "go to" hike for the family. I remember we would start the trail early, like around 7 or 8 and make a day of it. Flash forward 40 some odd years or so and not having hiked regularly in a long time, I often wondered if it would be maybe more than I could handle, especially the "extremely steep" section I've also read about somewhere. My husband and I do shorter hikes like Watch Hill, Kane Mt., Rocky Mountain without any issues at all. I know they pale in comparison to the length Snowy's hike but reading your story has given me hope that I will one day again be on top of Snowy!! Thanks! Check out my avitar! lol
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