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Way before my brother and I started flyfishing we were very big on worm fishing for trout and would go through alot of them each started to become costly and another thing to remember to get each time we headed to our, I decided to try starting and keeping them alive and to reproduce them if I can...I found a half drum (around 20 gallon fiber pack...made out of thick cardboard that held alittle moisture and stayed cool thru-out the hot summer ) the drum was clean of any chemicals from where I had a metal cover that latched on tight(animals ,like raccoons would try to pry the lid off)...I then drilled holes in that for oxygen...I found a shady spot in our Moms backyard under a tree out of the it I placed some old leaves first then some moist soil from the garden ,then some more leaves building layers as you went...then on the top i would throw in shredded newspaper(no colored glossy papers) and some worm bedding...mixing this in with the leaves and the garden soil...then some eggshells ,potato peels,some coffee grounds for their feed...believe it or not worms,especially nightcrawlers can eat alot,so feeding them is important...keep the container damp but not soaked...keeping them like this and happy will provide you with worms all spring ,summer and fall...also, by going out nightcrawler picking after it rains at night is the way I would restock the worm farm...didn`t cost anything but some worm bedding to start it and keep it going...any other questions ,don`t be afraid to ask...good luck with your worm farm...

p.s...after stocking it to its limit ...I sometimes had upwards of between 250-400 worms in there at one time and would notice babies after a few weeks...amazing and fun...
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