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Originally Posted by Bob K View Post
The gas outboards do make more noise that I'd like, and yes they took away from my camping experience at Rollins some years ago. I drove the extra miles past Fish Creek to get a more tranquil experience for my 3 teenage daughters. As we passed thru Fish creek, all 3 noticed the density + noise there. I got an ear full, of "I hope Rollins isn't like this".

Having Fish creek so close as a "motorized" option makes me support the quiet approach for Rollins (electric allowed).

Are the any NY state campgrounds on motor-less lakes? I've stayed at many and don't recall any. And yes, I bought an electric motor for my tandem canoe specifically to minimize noise pollution.
Brown Tract Pond is motor less, but doesn't offer the same paddlers experience, given the pond hopping you can do at Rollins.

Without motors, the juxtaposition between Fish Creek and Rollins could be further improved. If you want the crowds, the noise, the jetskis, quick access to the highway go to Fish. If you want peace and quiet, drive a bit further and go to Rollins.

I'd go one step further and ban the gas generators as well.
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