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Weller Pond, Hopkinton, NY???

Has anyone paddled here, Weller Pond, Hopkinton, NY?

I am looking for a interesting and off the beaten path paddle/camping spot for Mon-Tues. Preferably with a spot nearbyish where I can sleep in my car after work Sunday night.
Also, I welcome any portage under 1.5 miles. I am a bit out of shape this year!

Two weeks ago I rolled into Horseshoe at 12am on a Sunday night/Monday morning( I am coming from VT after work) hoping for an open site and there were none. Ended up sleeping in my car at a trailhead near LTL. The ranger that woke me up in the morning was not too happy to see me.
I could not think of anywhere else to go. My work schedule is seriously cramping my canoe camping!
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